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demo mode


my tomtom XXL 540tm  is always showing me " demo " when i turn my GPS on.

How can I turn this demo thing off  ?

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Re: demo mode

If indeed it is showing a demo of a route (strange that is would) then just tap the screen and a window comes up asking if you wish to cancel the demo. Say 'yes'.




I suspect it might be something else.  Some models sold as new were really store demos and, indeed, a demo of the functionality appears on the unit.


To end this, do the following:

1. Connect the unit to the computer.

2. Use Explorer to look at the scripts folder.

3. Delete anything found in there.


That should stop it from appearing in the future.


(If on a Mac, use Finder instead of Windows Explorer).

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Re: demo mode

That worked on my TomTom Start.

Thanks for the answer :smileyhappy:

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