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Truck / HGV maps

Can I put truck/hgv maps onto my tom tom xl iq routes device?

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Re: Truck / HGV maps

I think this thread link will answer you question.

Report map errors at

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Re: Truck / HGV maps



No, you cannot. You'll have to purchase either a device from TT business solutions (PRO 7000/9000 series) or one of the Go x20/x30 series.






TT XL•S LIVE IQ Routes Edition (Text-to-Speech)
map/Europe_North 875.3613
TT Start 60
map/Europe 910.4964
TT GO 6000
map/Europe 926.5515

TT Runner Cardio watch

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Win8 64bit

I'm no TT employee but just a customer trying to help
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