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Problems with having 2 TomTom devices?

I originally had a TomTom XXL unit that started acting up, so I purchased a new unit, a VIA 1535. I then managed to reboot the XXL and get it to working again. I wasn't really updating the older device, but it was still on my "TomTom account" although under a different email address from the account for the 1535. On the last map update for the 1535, though, the update refused to work, and TomTom support said that the two devices had gotten mixed up in my account. ??? Has anyone else ever had this problem, or am I the only dummy to every buy two different TomTom GPS units??


If anyone else has had this problem, can you tell me if the problem was ever resolved? I've contacted support, but they haven't managed to fix the error, even after 3 weeks. Help?

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Re: Problems with having 2 TomTom devices?

It is a very easy fix for the help desk. Don't know why they couldn't get it sorted. Send a PM here to Ditte (she is a TT staff member) with the serial number and e-mail of the old device and the serial and e-mail of the new device (different e-mail of course), and I am sure she will be able to assist. They just have to delete the wrong devices from each account.

One thing for sure, your old device is using TomTom HOME, and the new MyTomTom. And you can't have two or more devices on the same account.

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