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Accepted Solution


He guys,


Yesterday I had a problem with my tomtom, it gave a message that something was wrong. So I followed the instructions of tomtom. They said I need to format it, so I did. But on the volume name ( maybe the wrong translation ) above fast format. I didn't change the word to TOMTOM. And after that my SD card won't connect to my tomtomsoftware.


Someone knows what to do?


Tanks for your help..



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Re: Format

Reformat the drive but don't use quickformat. If a Go model, then the card should be a sdhc card, not a sd card.

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Re: Format

Had the same problem.


Erased the partition on the SD card, after that TomTom accepted the SD card for formatting.


Usefull hint:   Use f.e.  MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition  from


And no I´m not from this firm.  But it´s a nice small tool to erase partitions.  But be carefull.


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Re: Format

How long does it take to format a tomtom xl 340. Seem it hasnt started for over 2 hrs.

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Formating the XXL 550

I have an XXL 550 and cannot get it to format properly.  Let it run for day anbd a half and still bombed.  What are the proper parameters for formatting this device?

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Re: Formating the XXL 550

You can try this with GParted-Live

Can GParted-Live not format your Disk/Flash, than you have a serious problem.


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