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Disable Security Lock

How do I disable security lock?  it does not let me put in new address once it already has one... I am courier and constantly need to change destination... it says security lock enabled in bottom left corner... how can I disable this -

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Re: Disable Security Lock

There is a safety preference to show fewer menu options when driving. Uncheck it.

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Re: Disable Security Lock


Over the last few weeks I keep getting a message that there is a security block on my TomTom. Obviously always when I need this tool the most. I have no idea how to remove it and what brings this on. It's a TomTom One 3rd edition which so far worked great and got me all over Europe and all.....Any suggestions would be appreciate. OOf cours now, that I am on the couch trying to find the exact wording it is not Thanks Sabine


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Re: Disable Security Lock

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While the menus are not exactly the same it may give you enough information to disable the lock feature on your gps.


menu 1.jpg


menu 2.jpg


memu 3.jpg

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