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Cannot create this file: R:\PNDNavigator - TomTom XL

I tried to update my TomTom XL via my PC and received the error message:


Cannot create this file: R:\PNDNavigator


The detailed bug report is as follows:


ERROR: DesktopLib/InstallToDevice/Install/Single/DestinationFileDoesNotExist: Cannot create this file: R:\PNDNavigator
@ .\framework\InstallToDeviceThread.cpp(1513)
Last Error is 00000020 Item metadata is <HOME2 version="2.8">
  <program idnum="13128" idurl="" idstr="Navigator" version="9.061">
    <title lang="en-US" mimetype="text/plain">TomTom Application for     TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition S</title>
    <description lang="en-US" mimetype="text/plain">The latest version of the application for your TomTom device. We recommend that you update so that you always have the latest features and the best performance on your TomTom. For a list of changes made in this application, see Note: If your TomTom or TomTom application has been adapted by your employer, IT administrator or any company other than TomTom, please check with the supplier before you install our latest application. This applies to any applications based on the TomTom SDK.</description>
    <image mimetype="image/png" url="" usage="icon"/>
      <url location="" content="main" size="40009728" downloader="true" qos="0"/>
    <targetdevice models="xl2009_plus_1024_tts xl2009_plus_2048_tts"/>
    <price free="true"/>
    <supplier id="tomtom">
      <image mimetype="image/png" url="" usage="icon"/>
in .\framework\InstallToDeviceThread.cpp:1513
0. chrome://tthome/content/ui/bindings/commit.js:82
1. chrome://tthome/content/ui/bindings/ttwizard.xml:1061
                                        this._commitFailed(i, commitPage);
2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/util.js:79
                return func.apply(obj, arguments);
3. chrome://tthome/content/logic/dllUtils.js:77
4. chrome://tthome/content/logic/dllUtils.js:69

Time: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 11:13:09 GMT


Any thoughts?

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Re: Cannot create this file: R:\PNDNavigator - TomTom XL

Do a disk scan and auto repair on your XL, then try update to 9.061 again.

I am a TomTom user just like you.

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Re: Cannot create this file: R:\PNDNavigator - TomTom XL

Thank you for the suggestion. The problem has already resolved itself after a couple more attempts to install the updates. Not sure why, but all is good now.

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Re: Cannot create this file: R:\PNDNavigator - TomTom XL

Check disk and multiple tries did not work for me, but erasing the PNDNavigator file from the TomTom did.

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