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Speed limit warnings

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Hi all,

I was wondering, can I adjust the tolerance of the speed warning when driving faster than allowed?

I know where the setting is, to enable both speed items.

In other devices I could have my unit give me a warning chime, as soon as I reached the speed limit.


I can't seem to locate a place where this adjustment can be made.


I am not asking about, the warning received for exceeding a set speed



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Re: Speed limit warnings

It's hard coded into the software. A percentage of the speed, I think. Would make a nice enhancement, I agree.

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Re: Speed limit warnings

Thanks for that.

Yes it seems to be 10% ...  


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Re: Speed limit warnings

I agree, would like to see settings to allow user to set the range warning. I do not like a percentage as it increases with speed, but others may see this as useful. Would like to see settings that allow you to choose two thresholds. One for yellow warning, either 5 over the speed limit or 5%, then as driver approaches 10 or 10% over, change from yellow to red. Both should have a verbal sound warning that can be disabled by user if desired.

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Re: Speed limit warnings

I'd love an audible warning just so I can stay on target without constantly watching the meter. Awesome suggestion.

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Re: Speed limit warnings

Hi Moderator DHN, In Victoria (Australia) I gather police have a zero tolerance policy on speed limits. I have seen people fined for 61kph in a 60kph zone. Elsewhere in Australia, one cannot rely on police and /or speed cameras to overlook speed exceedences that are over the limit, but within the TomTom tolerances.


So, the tolerance built into the "faster than allowed speed" warning on my TomTom 180 and other units, is a weakness.


I note your reply to an earlier inquiry "it is hard coded into the sotware". I hope the message from users is reaching TomTom to give scope for users to set the "faster than allowed speed" tolerance, or for TomTom to offer a software option upload with the tolerance set to zero.


thank you,





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Re: Speed limit warnings

I use mine for HGV work and would much prefer a zero tolerance limit, especially if they can set the vehicle limit for the individual roads like on a snooper system. As a self employed driver all the fines come out of my back pocket so I'm always watching the speed an audio warning is a great idea.

All I gotta sort now is the bloody thing talking to my PC!

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Re: Speed limit warnings

In Western Australia the logic the Main Roads department uses to set speed limits is not consistent. The consequence is that you cannot know for certain in which speed zone you are traveling in by 'looking' at the surroundings. I bought a TomTom to provide me with that assurance. With this hard coding into software of a 10% buffer my new TomTom fails to give me the early warning of a speed exceedance. It is therefor a hopeless acquisition. Hope TomTom heeds our concerns.
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Re: Speed limit warnings

Am I the only driver that finds the units accuracy in reporting speed drops significantly when not driving on a flat and level surface? I'd like to see a settable range.
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Re: Speed limit warnings

I have recently purchased a TomTom Via 160 here in Australia and I find that the Exceed Speed Limit warning simply doesn't work.

If I'm in a 60km/h zone and put my foot down to 80km/h it still doesn't sound the alarm.

I've tried it out numerous times in different areas, was starting to worry about getting booked.

To further test the feature I also enabled the "Warn when driving over a set speed" setting and this does actually work.

Exceed by 3km/h (driving at 63km/h in a 60km/h zone) and the warning bell sounds.

But how this can be used in a practical way, I have no idea.

Can this bug be fixed? Is anyone else experiencing it?

My device is fully up to date with maps and software fixes.

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