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Best Tom Tom Model ?????

Hey does anyone know the difference between the XL's and other tom tom models? 

Which is better? 

Better model for less money?

340tm live?


Please help!!!!!:smileyindifferent:


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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????

Have you looked at the TomTom website? There you can find all the differences.

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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????

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hi heres a link to a comparison chart,i think what is best depends on the needs of the individual

ive not found a site yet that is fully up to date ,im sure theres one out there but this should give you a rough idea

1st go live 1000 (dead)
second go live 1000 (dead)
current go live 550 alive and doing what the 1xxx/2xxx/ vias should be doing
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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????

I belive BEST  ONE   TOMTOM GO910 MODEL  BUT sadly this is a old model

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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????

Thanks guys for your comments and suggestions.  :smileywink:

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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????

There's no "best" model right now.  Lately Tomtom has been removing some features while adding others on the newer models, so it really depends on what features matter to you.


I try to keep a reference grid updated here.



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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????

I don't seem to be able to view that without creating an account on that forum (I have enough forums already that I can't keep up with!).


You need to decide what is most important, for example:


- Best traffic abilities (any LIVE model, with HD Traffic), or lesser traffic abilities (any "T" suffix model).

- Lifetime maps and free traffic (any "TM" suffix model), or cheapest price.

- World maps included, or just U.S.A. Models with "WTE" suffix include Europe maps at a fraction of the normal cost.

- Smallest size and lightest weight, or biggest and brightest screen.

- Bluetooth needed, or don't care.

- Voice commands needed, or don't care.


The older XL and XXL models are going to be among the cheapest, close to just $100 (sometimes under) but I would still include at least lifetime maps for North America, if not also the free RDS-TMC traffic receiver. Lifetime maps and the traffic receiver will cost more together than the unit itself if purchased separately. Without those, however, the price for the XL and XXL will likely be under $100. A lot of the bugs have been worked out from these models, and there are solutions for any problems that might arise.


Of course, one step up is something like the VIA, with a much nicer screen.


The old GO range is worth looking at, but so also are the new GO 2000 series. They can be as much as $350 for the connected GO 2535M Live model.


Conclusion: there's something for almost all tastes, from about $50 (refurbished) to $350. I would make sure you get IQ Routes, however. This is only important since some of the older models might NOT have that feature, and it's the single most important reason to prefer a TomTom over any other brand in my opinion. Live HD Traffic is another very important feature. For all the rest, it just boils down to preferences and priorities, likes and dislikes, but any decent GPS will get you where you need to go, TomTom or not.

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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????

This question is aggravating, not because the person asked the question but because TOMTOM's website is so awful that it needed to be asked. Why isn't there a clear cut and dry comparison chart or compare feature like on every OTHER website that offers multiple products with similar features. I've owned a TOMTOM ONE XL for the past 4 years and I feel that I need to upgrade it given the fact that TOMTOM has dropped all support for my device so I came here to find what the newest and greatest model is however there's so much cross talk on their website that makes me unsure as to what I am actually getting. 


Here's all I want (I Think):


Lifetime subscription to the 2min traffic updates

Lifetime Maps


Voice Control

Google (I guess that's called LIVE?)

Read aloud road names 

a GOOD MOUNT (the ONE XL's was junk!)

Quick GPS Fix (my ONE XL is slow as all hell compared to my phone)



If anybody knows a website that details all the specs of the different TOMTOM's let me know. 

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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????



let me check your preferences:


1.) Lifetime subscription to HD Traffic is not available. Only lifetime subscription to RDS/TMC traffic information coming via fm radio signal is available. HD Traffic you'll have to purchase and renew the subscription annually.

2.) Lifetime maps is possible. Just purchase a device whichs name ends with a M.

3.) Bluetooth is being offered y the VIA 1435 and 1535 series as well as all GO devices.

4.) All the devices mentioned under #3 offer voice control.

5.) Google search is available only for LIVE devices.

6.) Speaking street names in the languages being pre-installed is available on all devices being currently sold. Which languages are available on which device you'll see under the specifications tab of each device.

7.) What you think a good mount is, I don't know. Only the GO 2535 (LIVE as well as TM) series, the GO 2435 series, the GO 2405 and 2505 series offer the magnetic click & lock mount to my knowledge. The other devices offer an integrated mount.

8.) QuickGPSfix is currently only available for some NAV2 devices (I think the XXL belong to that group) and NAV3-LIVE devices. For non-LIVE devices the QuickGPSfix cannot be provided via the MyTT support application yet.



The specs of the different devices you'll find on TT's product page. Just click on the devices and look at the different pages. Extremely useful are the tabs benefits and specifications on the devices' pages.






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Re: Best Tom Tom Model ?????

See a product comparison chart from the link below:

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