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TT HOME does not see my smartphone

I just installed latest TT Home version on my Win 7 PC, but I cannot make TT Home connect (or even find) my Win Mob 6.1 smartphone.

The phone is a Palm Treo Pro, and it connects smoothly to my PC via the Windows Mobile application on Win 7, as I can sync files, pictures, contacts and calendar without problems.

Navigator 7 and related maps are on the SD card of the Treo, and they work perfectly.

Now, I need to update a map but I cannot download it because TT HOME cannot see my device.

I downloaded the "home_images" files (base don TT site instructions) and copied them into the Treo, both on the root of the device and on the root of the SD, but no luck.

And, silly me, I have already paid for the new map....


Anybody can help ? Thankls !!!!


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Re: TT HOME does not see my smartphone

Use TomTom Home version 1,6 which will work for you, the latest version is of no use to you at all - Mike

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