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Iphone 4 Tomtom app

Hi. I have a question about the Iphone 4 Tomtom app which I downloaded a week ago (special offer - free speed cameras).

The navigation works splendidly, but it does not pick up all of the speed cameras. I have just returned from Kingussie in the Scottish Highlands and it was only picking up roughly 50 % of the cameras north of Edinburgh.

I understand it may need updating, but surely if I bought it a week or two ago, it should be the latest version??


If it does need updating, how do I do that with the Iphone? through Tomtom or Itunes??


Im sure Im not alone. Can anyone help with some advice?


Kind regards. Ken

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Re: Iphone 4 Tomtom app

You can subscribe to the TomTom camera update service via the TT Shop on the iphone. However, regarding your point of missing cameras, the TT Camera Database is not regarded as very accurate. One possible more accurate alternative (which I use) is to subscribe to PocketGPSWorld's database. It is possible to incorporate this into the iPhone TT App but PGSW recommend you purchase their CamerAlert App (£0.59) and use that in parrallel with the TT Nav App. I run it in the backround with the TT App in the foreground. I then get voice alerts from CamerAlert warning of upcoming cameras.

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