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No maps found / Geen kaarten gevonden (TT One 2nd Edition)

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After actions on the device that the person could not reproduce or remember, other than deleting certain POIs, the device now indicates "Geen kaarten gevonden" (No maps found). The map files still appear to be present. None of the other solutions that deal with the same problem work. The current status is that I have formatted the drive and have gotten to the point where TomTomHome has reinstalled everything it thinks the device needs... except the maps itself. There is a file "Benelux-38692A38.mds" but that's it.

In the full backup that I made before erasing the disk, I can see that I would need a bunch more files, but these were not restored by TT Home. (MyTomeTom does not work with the device). What´s my next move?


Serial xxxx with original 128Mb TomTom SD card and official maps (not downloaded somewhere)

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Re: No maps found / Geen kaarten gevonden (TT One 2nd Edition)

Hi dvgelderen,

Since you have recently bought a new map you can re-download it as instructed at

Cheers, Mikko
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