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I just recently bought the TomTom Multi-Sport Watch with GPS and I was trying to follow the directions to download the application /sports on my Google Chrome book but it says that the download is not compatible with my computer. 


Can anyone help me with this?? I would really like to figure out how to get this application on my computer so I can start using my watch....


Thanks for any help provided! 

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ouch... google chrome book is a weird OS that's not supported by this device... tomtom multi sport only works with mac or pc (windows). In case you have an iPhone, an app will be released "soon" (but could be a matter of months as far as we know) that will allow upload without the need of a computer, but for now you have to connect through another computer if you can.


note: unless you connect to a computer, the watch memory will keep filling up until you can't record any more exercises (and we don't know as of now wether the ios app will allow to empty the memory)... so if you don't have access to a compatible computer, i think you'd better return the watch for a refund as long as you can!

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Sorry, I am really not trying to troll but are you seriously saying that you did not research what OS are supported before buying.  Now if you lived in Switzerland  (like me) where retailers positively hate to give refunds except in the case of a faulty product, you would in fact be out of pocket.   Really.   Research whether the product meets your needs before you buy it.  


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It actually says right on the box:  " A PC with Windows XP or later or an Apple Mac with OS X 10.6 or later with internet access and free TomTom MySports account is needed to use this product.".  And it says it in 8 languages.  Google Chrome is not a full operating system, it is meant to work primarily with web applications.  You are going to have to get a computer with the required specs or go with a different watch, although I do not know of any watches that will work on Google as they all have a computer requirements for data uploads and analysis.

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As far as I know, only adidas smartrun connects directly via wifi and don't need any computer, rest of watches need Windows or Mac to synchronize :smileyfrustrated:

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