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I am thinking about buying a Via1535TM. I have seen used one for sale. If one buys a used TomTom can they still receive free map updates?

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Re: Transfer



if you use the old account this should be possible. Just discuss with the previous owner that he changes his e-mail address to yours (this e-mail address cannot be used for another device at the same time) and sets a password you agreed on. After having received the unit you'll just have to change the password again so no one except you'll be able to use that account.


With this way the lifetime map updates should be transferred to you as it still is the same account. The seller can then use his own e-mail address again for a new device.


Make sure you get the card with the lifetime maps promotion code from the seller as well. That way if the map update service doesn't remain active you can call CS and reactivate it.






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Re: Transfer

I am not 100% sure that it would comply with the T&Cs.

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