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mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

Hi all,

Just a quick question, is anyone having problems with downloading maps through mytomtom (using latest map guarantee) mine started downloading yesterday lunchtime and is still going today some 20 hours later its only 32% done and still going to take 5:30 hours (although it said that yesterday).


I have a fast internet connection 14Mb down, 1Mb up and its no way being maxed out.  Is anyone else getting this? 


I think tomtom servers are maxed out, if they are it's pretty poor and yet another nail in the coffin for tomtom introducing this half baked mytomtom service as far as I'm concerned, which if they don't sort out soon is going to be there downfall.

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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

You're not alone, I have the same problem.  Not as fast a connection as you (3MB)  but a 64MB download is apparently going to take over 3 hours!  It should be less than 2 minutes.


I don't know if it's the TomTom servers or the use of a browser and their software to do the download.  Either way, it's hopeless.  TomTom Home was much faster and simpler.


As yet, MyTomTom offers nothing over TomTom Home and is just awful.  I also miss the ability to run the satnav from my PC that TomTom Home used to have.  I'd normally say "one step forward, two back" but this just seems to be two steps back!

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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download



please check that the MyTomTom support application is allowed to fully access the internet without being blocked by any antivirus or firewall software.


If you're using internet port 4000 in your MyTomTom application please open TCP port 443 and internet port 4000 in your firewall.


After checking those two things downloads usually get faster.






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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

My first update was painfully slow as well, but I had no choice but to continue since after the first failure everything on my TomTom One was gone.  This one has been connected for 12 hours, but at least it looks like 90% or so.  And the hints from Lars may help, but for those of us with a low geek factor a few instructions would have been nice.

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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

Thank you Lars

I've tried your tips.  Took a bit of research to work out how to add new ports to Windows Firewall, but I think I've done it.  Have now managed to update my TomTom Go Live 825 though it always seems a bit hit and miss.  I had an error message saying it failed to update but all seems to be well - I've now got Twitter, Experida and Trip Advisor.


I feel rather silly but also realised that the download time showing was actually in minutes and seconds not hours and minutes so it wasn't as bad as I feared.  It doesn't help that MyTomTom shows a time as "  00:05:12 hours ". This actually is 5 minutes 12 seconds.  Perhaps they should change the display to read:  "00:05:12  hrs:mins:secs"

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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

Any time I connect my device and log on, it automatically starts downloading the US/North Amerca map. I live in Europe. This is a pain in the rear end. I wish they had a 'cancel download' button or something. Maybe I'm blind and missing that option.


When I downloaded the Western Europe map it took 13 hours. I could download things faster in Afghanistan!



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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

I don't have a huge amount of faith in the TT download processes, bought a new "live" last summer, and when way down in South of France, whilst updating the map on the map guarantee, my "live", "died" leaving a long sat navless journey home. Happily Halfords swapped it for a new one. Now having spent 50 odd quid on 12 months plus 6 free, map updates, I can't download anything and seem to have spent over 30 hours trying to download an update map, whilst "My Tom Tom" tells me the thing is updated, arrrrrrggghhhhh! How maddening.

Plus why does the TT website have you going round and round in circles and keeps asking for you to log in?



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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

I have just purchased a via 135 that came with free lifetime maps. Had a problem registering the lifetime map allowance, but having sorted that I am now trying to update the map, as My Tomtom says it is out of date.

The first time I tried it seemed to stop at 71% for ages. I rang Tomtom support and they talked me through some things that seemd to include removing the working (but out of date) map that was on the sat nav. I re-started the new download, but it has again been stuck at 71% for an awful long time, with a remaining time of 4 hours and rising.

Is it likely that it will go past this point at some point, or do you think it has failed? I haven't got any error messages and it still says it is downloading.

At some point I will need to turn my PC off, so does anyone know if I will be able to carry on the download form where it left off. We go on holiday to Hungary next week, which is the reason for buying the sat nav, but currently I will be taking an old fashioned paper map with me!

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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

Your best chance is to change the port to 5000 in MyTomTom, but some more tips below:

*Always make sure that you are logged in with the correct account to the MyTomTom site AND application. One device, one account*

- Try to disable your antivirus and firewall
- Use Firefox (or Opera, or Google Chrome)
- Make sure that your computer is not going into stand-by or similar
- Clear the cache before each update attempt. Also could do a soft reset before and after the update
- Make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash Player and Java installed
- Make sure you have all the latest updates and hotfixes/patches to your OS
- In case the device looks like hung during the update or the counter stopped, just leave it. It will be fine in a few minutes
- Check your network connections, make sure that the TT's network adapter is enabled
- Try to uninstall and re-install the MyTomTom application
- Try to use a USB port on the mainboard, rather than a USB hub (desktop PC)
- Try to change the port to 5000 in MyTomTom's settings

- In case it is not working with Firefox, try other browsers (Opera, Google Chrome)
- Don't use any Flash Blocker (check Flash Blocker plug-in in browser)
- Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11 have a built-in flash which can cause trouble

- Any further issue: Try it on another PC, try it with different USB lead...the shorter the better (below steps are Windows specific)
- Whilst the device connected, remove the drivers from the Device Manager (Windows/Control Panel), DELETE the drivers
- Remove the MyTomTom application and run CCLEANER (will remove your history, cookies, etc by default)

- At the moment USB 3 looks like doesn't like TT devices
- Don't use the magnetic mount whilst updating, connect the micro USB directly into the device
- Update one item at a time, don't select all. Best order: NavCore/software - Map - QuickGPSfix - Speed Cams - Map Share Corrections (this is the smallest but longest)

For Windows 8 or 8.1 you can try the below (to make it work with IE10 and IE11):

- always run the MyTT app as administrator (pin it to the task bar, right click, right click again, properties, compatibility setting, tick run as administrator)
- make sure that the Shockwave Flash is enabled in IE add-ons
- add to the compatibility view
- make sure the IE11 is set to open the pages ALWAYS in desktop view (not IE view or don't let IE to decide)

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Report map errors (MSR Tool - link)
Actual devices: GO 820 Top Gear Edition, GO 825, Start 60, One XL, GO 600, GO 1000, VIA 120, VIA 135, TomTom Android; Old devices: TomTom WM, GO 530, XL IQ Routes LIVE
How to contact TomTom's Customer Services (link)
TomTom's Customer Services numbers (thx Niall) (link)
How to soft reset your device (link)

I am NOT a TomTom employee, just a user like others.
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Re: mytomtom - Painfully slow map update download

it's not a local problem but tomtom servers are too poor to satisfied our demands.

I just try to update my map and the server calculate 20h00 of installation.. i'll must start my travel in 2H00 so my tomtom was

down.. Just going to by a paper map like 20 years before oO


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