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map guarantee not working - Live 1000



having bought my Live 1000 in April I waited patiently for a map update. I tried repeatedly several times but never got a new map. I am currently on Europe v850.3018.


I read that TT were fixing the issue, but I an still waiting. I get 'Keep you device connected' and have spent several hours ensuring that it is, but it does not seem to do anything.


I was wondering if anyone else has the same issue.

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Re: map guarantee not working - Live 1000

My answer won't solve your problem but I just wanted to let you know that when I bought my Go 1000 it came along also with version 850. Much to my surprise a few days ago I received TT newest map (version 870) when I was connected to My TomTom. In all it took about three hours to both download and install the new map.


Whish you luck.

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