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TomTom server time out?

using new HP laptop vista OS wifi conncetion used many time for same thing updates Tom Tom becomes DumbDumb and times out time after time showing the following error:

ERROR: 2152398862/#|||strCheck=aes:b%2FDKhTeFkjbSX034jN%2BQgdz%2BlI%2F4cGQGERQ1sci8gsse4sCP2TAoLJEwE%2BBHrTyr3vZ5v1GQnVzt%0Aw48HvFqblGp0kjiFdztOEsLZwsYSzxo%3D: Error from server: The connection to the TomTom server timed out.

The connection to the TomTom server timed out.

Error code: 2152398862 (NS_ERROR_NET_TIMEOUT)


Additional information: info = [object]

info.method = [string] GET

info.resumeOffset = [number] 1288394726

info.resumeDownloadEnabled = [boolean] true

info.entityID = [string] %227982a452f846ba63d6987f812518350f:1321284497%22/1601703312/Tue, 08 Nov 2011 15:31:12 GMT

info.file = [string] C:\Users\hptest\Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\map\USA__Canada___Mexico\

info.metaFile = [string] C:\Users\hptest\Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\temp\d02a24b2b7e5c3e251eb690be2c96328.tmp.meta

info.tempFile = [string] C:\Users\hptest\Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\temp\d02a24b2b7e5c3e251eb690be2c96328.tmp


Severity: 1105


0. chrome://tthome/content/logic/netutil.js:77

            return new ServerError(message, status, uri, undefined, additionalInfo);

1. chrome://tthome/content/logic/netutil.js:112

                return NetUtil.exceptionForStatusCode(aStatus, aChannel.URI.spec, additionalInfo);

2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/downloader.js:363

                    exception = NetUtil.isRequestSuccess(this._channel, aStatus, this._getRequestInfo());


Time: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 22:35:54 GMT

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Re: TomTom server time out?



it may be a problem with Vista but it doesn't need to. Please check your antivirus and firewall software settings. TT Home needs full access to the internet.


Another possibility is that the connection between your device and your computer broke during the download time. To avoid this make sure that neither your device nor your computer enters any kind of power saving modus during the download/installation process.


The third possibility is that your wifi connection broke down in between if only for a short time. Therefore it is recommended to use a wired internet connection. But it should work with a wifi connection as well.


The fourth possibility is that the TT server got offline in between. If that's the case it should work when trying again at a later time.






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Re: TomTom server time out?

I am having a similar problem with trying to update maps.  


I am using Windows XP.


My computer is wired.


Nothing, not anti-virus or otherwise is blocking the internet.  


My computer is active, meaning I am not going into any power saving mode.


I have purchased and installed maps previously.  These maps were installed without any problems.  


I keep getting the error message:  The connection to the Tom Tom server timed out.  


Since I can't seem to update the maps, I received an email message stating the update was available, what other options do you suggest?  Downloading late in the night?  Is there a better time to attempt the map update?  I will need the updates before tomorrow morning.  Time is of the essence.  



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Re: TomTom server time out?

Try renaming your  mydocuments\TomTom folder to mydocuments\TomTomBU.  Don't delete it incase it makse no difference.  Then attemp to connect and down load again.  

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Re: TomTom server time out?

Thanks.  I will try that.  

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Re: TomTom server time out?

Hi, Did the suggestion to rename your my documents, work?  I am having the same trouble :-(

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Re: TomTom server time out?

What I found was that on the fourth try, it finally worked.  The update would advance so far and stall.  I have decided it is a problem with Tom Tom and their servers.  My advice, to keep trying to do the download.  What has started in the download, you won't lose.  Everytime you go back to attempt to download, the download will resume from the last attempt.  I know, it is frustrating.  

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Re: TomTom server time out?

Trying to update the "TomTom application for Car and Motor  Navigation" (about 35 mB) using TomTom Home on Windows 7, wired connection, no interference from firewall or antivirus.  It kept timing out after downloading only a few megabytes.  I had to try five or six times before it achieved a sufficiently stable connection and was able to keep going.

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Re: TomTom server time out?



Welcome to the site


On your PC have you any Screen savers, Power savers  or Sleep options set ???

Have the USB ports any Power savers set (On some laptops the USB ports shut down with the battery saving options)


Have you enough space on the Hard Drive left to cache the download.



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Re: TomTom server time out?

[ Edited ]

Screen saver turned off, all power saving options disabled, plenty of room on the drive.  I'm pretty sure that the problem is a flakey connection.  I did eventually get the task completed but I had to restart about a half dozen more times after my last post.  I don't generally have that kind of trouble downloading from other sites.

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