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The importance of making a Back Up

Hi All


I have been reading many posts and have concluded that some of you are not making a Back Up of your device in case of disaster. There are two ways of doing this and I strongly recommend that you do both.


1. Make a back up using TomTom Home or My TomTom as appropriate. Always do this before updating your map. I personally do this before doing ANY update. Then if there is a problem I can always "rewind" the clock and get back to a godd configuration.


2. Using Windows Explorer find your TomTom device as a Drive. Copy the entire contents of this Drive to a new location on your computer. Replace this back up BEFORE you do any major changes. This way if disaster strikes you can always copy this back to the device using explorer and get going again. You also have the ability to restore individual files (such as <mapsettings.cfg> or phone settings if you should need to.


I have not tried doing this using proprietary back up software or windows back up so I cannot say if that would work. I might give it a go!


If you do make a back up, please forgive the lecture!





The importance of a back up can never be under estimated. If you back up - you can recover!
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