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How do I get a map of europe onto my TomTom XL IQ Routes

I downloaded Tom Tom home and copied the current USA/Mexico/Canada maps that it came with onto my computer.  Before I buy a map, I wanted to make sure I can upload a map to the device.  I can' tfigure out how.  When I go to download maps, it only gives me US option.  Can I get another map on my Tom Tom?

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Re: How do I get a map of europe onto my TomTom XL IQ Routes



Depending on the amount of available space on the device it should be possible to place on another map.


If you backed up these maps (So the USA/Mexico/Canada maps) they are now at the moment on your computer. If the device and TomTom HOME detect that they are still on the device then the software of TomTom HOME will not attempt to copy the maps on the device.


Please check this FAQ here: It explains how the backup and downloading and installing process works.


Please be advised that the map of Europe is quite large and may not fit altogether with those particular maps on one device.


- Najib

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Re: How do I get a map of europe onto my TomTom XL IQ Routes

I did move the map from the devie to my computer, but when I use Tom Tomhome to find the map, it says it isn't there.  It is only 2G of memory so I will have to remove the USA map.  Do I back my device up via Tom tom home and then remove the USA map?  I only need the Italy map and that is like 256M but I only have 43 free so I have to remove the USA map.  I'm jsut afraid to buy the Italy map and then it won't go on my Tom Tom and I just wasted all that money.  Then when I return from Italy, can I just restore my devie via Tom Tom? 

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Re: How do I get a map of europe onto my TomTom XL IQ Routes

If I were you then I would do the back-up via the Explorer and not with HOME - its more safe imo.


Just copy the complete US-folder to your computer or an external drive and leave it there. Then download the Italian map and install it (should be enough space for it after deleting the US-map from your device). When you're back in the Stats, copy&paste the Italian map to a safe place and copy&paste the US map back to your device.


Thats how I did it on my 950, 940, 930 in former years when going abroad and needed a map that is bigger then the memory of the device and never had a problem with it.


cu Peter

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