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Software update GO 920

I Have a GO 920 and subscriptions for HD Traffic and maps.


I received an email that I should NOT download the new applicattion version 9.400 because HD Traffic would not work anymore.


If I connect my device to tomtom home I see that it is impossible to uncheck the update.


There are also new maps for me.


Please advise me on what I should do next.


Kind Regards,


Jan Neels

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Re: Software update GO 920

Read the following thread starting at post 14:


Once you follow the instructions for changing the value of the file mentioned on your computer, you'll be able to uncheck the need for the application update.

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Re: Software update GO 920

I thought I was doing the right thing by updating but like so many my GPS doesnt work. Ive tried some links to resolve problem but they dont seem to go anywhere


What is the resolution






like so many i thought I was doing the right thing by updating but find myself with a useless unit I tried some forums but the help links dont seem to work. Shame as this unit is user friendly unlike the built-in I have

I want my tom tom back, Whats the solution?













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Re: Software update GO 920

1. Save everything from the device, using Explorer (or Finder on Mac), include all the files (hidden as well). It is also known as a manual backup:

2. Then format the internal storage (or memory card, depending which one you use) of your device. Use the COMPLETE format, not the quick.

3. Go to TT HOME, Manage my "DEVICE", delete everything from the hard drive and try the update again (in the new TomTom HOME app it is on the second page). At this point you might have to disconnect the device a few times and switch it ON/OFF to enable it to setup some important stuff.

4. Copy your voices and post codes back to the device (also the maps if that didn't download either).

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Report map errors (MSR Tool - link)
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