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how can i add europe map on my go live 1000 for spain?

how much does it cost, and how do i get it, i am really ticked off with 2 versions of the 1000 tomtom one for europe and one for the country you are in, i thought the box i got covered it all, this is very fustrating, the seller will not take it back, the device is useless, and no were on the tom tom website, shows how to do this, i hate the tom tom now, pls help fix this before i through it out on the street and lose 260 euro, pls help!





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Re: how can i add europe map on my go live 1000 for spain?

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Seb, unfortunately, I do not think this is possible at present on the new generation devices (like the GO 1000, which use MyTomTom). They are stuck with the same map region as was installed at the time of purchase. I am assuming your device has Spain maps only, not Europe maps?


It should be possible in the not too distant future to purchase and add other maps, but this thread outlines the improvements of the most recent application software, and there is no mention of adding new maps as yet:


The retailer seems to be at fault here for selling you a device with the wrong map region. If the retailer will not help you out, you might try contacting TomTom support, but it's not obvious that they will be able to help you, since you did not purchase the device from them.

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Re: how can I add Europe map on my go live 1000 for Spain?

Hi Seb


Kex is correct in that as of now you CANNOT add or change maps like you could on the older devices.


If any of them are new enough there are a whole lot of reasons that would qualify for a refund including many still missing features that TT openly advertise.


There is NO TIMELINE for these features to be added so you may hear anything from two weeks to near future both of those statements should be treated with a massive helping of skepticism


The Garmins DO have the ability for multi map etc or you could look for an older TT from the TT shop and get one of those instead.

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