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Windshield Bracket for VIA 1605TM

Hi folks.  Just purchase the VIA 1605TM gps and have discovered no bracket was included in purchase.  Bought it at BEST BUY, they had none in stock to fit a 6" screen.  Does anybody know of a sutable windshield bracket for this model, and of course, where to purchase it?

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Re: Windshield Bracket for VIA 1605TM

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That model comes with an attached mount. Didn't yours come with that? If not, RETURN it.


Look here for what the mount looks like:

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Re: Windshield Bracket for VIA 1605TM

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In the box that my Via1605TM came in were two peices:

1. a rigid plastic disc with a foam pad adhesive back that is meant to stick to the windshield, and

2. a rubber suction cup attached to a locking disc with a ball-socket mount that connects to the back of the GPS unit.



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