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Via 1530TM

Re: Via 1530TM I tried to download the life time maps.  Now I have a GPS which is blank and has no maps on it and my Tomtom operating site on my computer does not come up at all.


When I was downloading the maps - my icon on the lower right side of my computer was stating that it was downloading. But the other icon (same place) said my device was not attached (when it was).


Their customer service lead me through a number of downloads to no avail until our call was cut off. My next call to customer service requires me to use a hard wire system and then contact them to download my maps.


When I can figure out how to do that (it is now a wireless world). I'll update this message. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOUR GPS IS CONNECTED TO YOUR COMPUTER!!! Although, I do not know what step(s) caused this problem.


Wish me luck!!

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Re: Via 1530TM

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hi it sounded like your usb port may of gone into sleep mode .this has been an issue for many,personaly i use wireless and have never had a single problem.try clearing your cache(click on the mytomtom icon on desktop=settings =cache=empty the cache.,make sure you usb ports are not set to power down if no activity.

There is usually several usb root hub entries so you must alter them all as described

The way around this is to go into 'my computer'-click 'view system information' on the top left-click 'device manager'-click 'universal serial bus controllers'-one by one right click on usb root hub entries for properties and select 'power management' at the top right tab-'uncheck allow computer to switch off this device to save power'.

fix courtesy of andyrno1

then try reconnecting,

if you have to call them are you able to connect pc by wire to router or is it to far away


1st go live 1000 (dead)
second go live 1000 (dead)
current go live 550 alive and doing what the 1xxx/2xxx/ vias should be doing
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Re: Via 1530TM

Thanks for the information - I checked and all of mine were ticked.  My GPS is now fixed after 1.75 hrs on the phone - I uninstalled the Tomtom program and then re-installed it.  That did the trick!!

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Re: Via 1530TM

I bought one from Costco and noticed several problems right away. 1. The mount is really lame, attaching it to the windsheild was awkward to attach and felt loose, it was awkward to remove. 2. The on/off switch is in a difficult position and this is important because, 3. The darn thing has to be turned on and off manually, so making several stops a day required detaching the whole thing from the windshield, manually turning it off when leaving the vehicle. Then when re-entering attaching the whole thing to the windshield again, manually turning it back on. Repeat every stop! A Garmin by comparison, when stopping the car the GPS shuts off automatically then automatically turns back on when re-starting the car. The windshield mount stays on and the unit quickly unsnaps and re-attaches to it. Obviously no one at Tomtom actually uses one of their own units in a car or they would realize how bad this process is. I like the other features, but not worth the hassle so will return it to Costco and get a Garmin nuvi 1450LMT.

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Re: Via 1530TM

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I bought this tom tom because of a great experience with the first one.


Regret it, regret it, regret it. It has been very sluggish. It freezed a lot. It restarted a lot, all on it's own.


Would say make a left but the screen showed right.


The on/off button IS in a very awkward place.


You also can't just push the on/off button and assume it will turn off. You have to hold it for a few seconds or else it wont do anything.


But the most important problem with it is the the box said LIFETIME TRAFFIC AND MAPS but it has never let me install a new map on it. They want me to pay. Horrible, horrible experience with tom tom this time around.


My next navigation device will definetly NOT be a tom tom and I will let all my friends and whoever I come in contact with know all of the problems I've had with this device.

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Re: Via 1530TM

You have to register the activation code for the lifetime map function. There should be a card in the box marked DO NOT DISCARD-IMPORTANT with the code.


Call CS at 866-486-6866 and let them activate at their end.

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