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Update Maps on My Tom Tom Via 135

Every time I connect my TomTom on the USB Car I have the message that my map is not updated from 9 month...

I bounght the Tom Tom 6 month ago...

I connected it to Internet and I updated the maps but I have always after the message!


What happen? Need I buy every year an upgrade of the Maps??? I hope not!


If not, how can I upgrade the maps for my Tom Tom to the lastest version?



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Re: Update Maps on My Tom Tom Via 135


which map version do you have installed on your device? You can check in your preferences on the last page in information about the device.

It may be that the map is already 9 months old as the map being released is already some months old at the release date due to the production time being needed. You can still travel with an outdated map as not that many roads are changing. I'm also on one device still on v875 which is from summer 2011. Still there are always corrections being implemented in new maps that'll probably apply to your area. So it is recommended to keep the device up to date.

To update your maps you've got two possibilities. Either you purchase a one-time update or you purchase the map update service providing you with 4 maps for the next 12 months. Both options can be purchased via the online map shop on their homepage. For downloading and transfer you'll need to connect your device to your computer and start the MyTomTom support application. Via the webinterface you'll then be able to install the update.


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