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Start 25 free map update

I purchased my Start 25 from Ideal world about 5 weeks ago, when the device was first launched in the UK, on reading the forum it became clear that the map installed,  version 865.32 was out of date,  and that version 870.34 was the latest map, my device was telling me that version 865.32 was the latest map available. I contacted customer services who eventually agreed that an update was available, eventually I spoke with collins in customer services who remotely took over my computer to see why I could not update my device, it turns out that I had a SPEECH RECOGNITION map installed on my non speech recognition device, therefore he deleted my original map so that version 870.34 could be installed, I have posted this note for two reasons firstly to help others who may have had the same problem and secondly to praise Collins and Mark at customer services for all their patience and help, they really did go the extra mile

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Re: Start 25 free map update

Glad that it has been sorted out:smileyhappy:

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Re: Start 25 free map update

Many thanks for the info 12pom. I had exactly the same problem over the last two days, trying to download the new maps, and it turned out that, as you have stated, the original maps weren't being deleted. C.S. deleted them for me, and I was then able to download the 870 version. I was dealing with Kevin and Graham in CS, and I have to admit, they were both very obliging, and helpful.

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