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Start 20 turns off all the time

I bought a Start 20 in the summer of 2012. At the end of that year I had to send my device back to TomTom because it would turn off all the time all by itself. When it happened during an update of my maps I was unable to get the device running at all so I had no other choice. A short time later I got the device back and the note that came with it said new software had been installed and that was all.


Now I hardly used the TomTom Start 20 last year, maybe three times or so, but I quickly noticed the problem was still there but since I didn't feel like returning it again and since I hardly used it, I decided to get used to having to turn the device on everytime it turned off by itself.


Recently I had to use the device a lot more often and it's getting far too annoying to do that everytime. Sometimes the Start 20 turns off only a few seconds after I turned it on! Besides being annoying, it's also very dangerous to keep on fooling around with the darned thing during driving.


Now I wonder if I could get a new device? It don't think it has anything to do with the software: there is something wrong with the hardware. I don't know what to do now, really... should I simply contact TomTom and see what they will say or should I demand a new device? The darned thing hasn't worked well ONCE since I got it. I even thought about ditching it and buying another brand but I still got TWO years of map updates to go and it would be a waste to simply throw that away... I also don't have much faith in seinding it back again because they will probably turn it on, see it works and send it back. Or they will update the software once more.


Any advice anyone on what I should do?

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Re: Start 20 turns off all the time

Great info!

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