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How to clear cache in MyTomTom

I've been going back and forth with TomTom tech support over the problems my Via 1535 is having, "searching for a valid GPS signal." (and searching, and searching, and searching...) I understand this is a common problem with this model, and have pretty much resigned myself that I'm going to have a 5 to 20 minute delay each time it fires up, so that's not really what this question is about.

My last communication from the tech support folks told me to clear the cache in MyTomTom as follows:

"To do so:
- Click on the "MyTomTom" icon in the system tray
- Click on "Settings"
- Go to the "Cache" Tab
- Click on the "Empty" the cache button
- Click on the "Save Settings" button"

My problem, which I haven't seen addressed anywhere else. is that on my computer, MyTomTom doesn't seem to operate this way. When I click on the icon, nothing happens other than a brief flicker of my computer screen. MyTomTom may be running in the background somehow, but it doesn't offer me any menu with settings, or open up any visible window at all. I reloaded the software in case there was something wrong with it, but that didn't change its functionality. Can somebody help me understand what is happening here?  

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Re: How to clear cache in MyTomTom



please try if you get to see the MyTT menu when closing or minimizing all other software running on your computer. You may also try using your right mouse button as that sometimes worked better to get the menu appearing.






I currently have a similar problem when having opened Google Chrome. Every time I want to open another window on my computer the display only flickers and the windows stays on Chrome and not on the other software. Restarting the computer or just closing and restarting Chrome helped in my case so far as well.






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Re: How to clear cache in MyTomTom

Thanks, Lars, I'll try that tonight. I did have Firefox running at the time. A right click just gives two options, MyTomTom (which does the same flicker-nothing), and uninstall.

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Re: How to clear cache in MyTomTom

Having a very similar problem the tab with settings comes up but I can't click on it and mines says no maps found ater never getting a signal yesterday I don't have a clue what to do from here

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