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Go Model 4CR52 doesn't find any bt phones



My Go Live 1015 (4CR52) stopped connecting to my iphone so I deleted it from the device in order to re-connect it.


Now I have the iPhone 4S (latest iOS 7) discoverable (checked via PC) but my TomTom doesn't see any BT phone. I also tried it work where there are 20+ bt phones discoverable of different types and vendors but my TomTom doesn't find a single one of them.


Is this a problem with the latest device firmware upgrade or a defect of my specific device? Should I exchange it at the shop or should I wait until an update has been released?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Go Model 4CR52 doesn't find any bt phones

Hi Xykon,


There's a support FAQ about this issue here. Please, make sure your phones are compatible (iPhone 4S is on the list).


For troubleshooting, please do the following:


- On the device, click Settings - Return factory settings. Please note, that this will deletes your saved favourites, home location and recent destinations. You can save your favourites to your computer [support FAQ Save favourites].
- When you're prompted to choose a language, press and hold down the power button until you hear a drumming sound.


Now try to establish the connection again. Should it still not work, please set your device into recovery mode [support FAQ Red X].


Should you still have the issue, please contact Customer Support for further investigation.


Cheers, Mikko

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