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First free Speed camera download to GO1000 -- FAILED

After connecting my  Go1000 for the first time and downloading the relevent software, my GO 1000 connected

to your site and installed the latest software into the GPS. After this installation it went to install the free camera

update, and came back with a message that the update had failed.


Also, after this update my GO 1000 could not communicate with your site. After months of problem solving on

this forum I found the solution to the connectivity problem ---- I changed my browser from IE9 to Firefox and

this solved that problem.


BUT ----- I still never received my first free saftey camera update.


Can someone please help

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Re: First free Speed camera download to GO1000 -- FAILED

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Try the following steps


Clear the myTomTom cache folder


  • Right click on the myTomTom icon in the system tray;
  • Go to the settings;
  • Go to the tab 'cache';
  • Click on the button 'empty cache';
  • Click on 'save settings';

Close the myTomTom Support Application in a 'special way'


  • Right click on the myTomTom icon in the system tray;
  • Press and hold the shift button and select 'close';
  • A extra question window pop ups, press and hold the shift button and select 'close' once more;

Restart the Support Application


  • Click on the windows logo or press on the windows key;
  • Go to all programs - TomTom - click on the myTomTom shortcut to start the application;

Reboot the navigation device


Verify that there's enough power left on the device


  • Power on the navigation device;
  • Tap on the navigation screen;
  • Tap on 'Settings';
  • Tap twice on the left arrow;
  • Tap on the button 'battery status';
  • You should be able to see a percentage of how much battery is left;
  • When the battery is less than 15%, connect the device to a power source;

Reboot the navigation device


  • Press and hold the power button for approximately 15 seconds untill you hear a drum roll sound;
  • A image appears, wait untill the navigation device has rebooted itself and displays the navigation screen;

Connect the device to the computer


  • Connect the USB Cable to the navigation device and the other end to a USB port;
  • Power on the navigation device if switched off;
  • All available updates should be offered;

When above doesn't work


Contact the TomTom Support Team


Click here to contact the TomTom Support Team

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