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Device won't connect

When I connect me device to my computer, it doesn't connect to tomtom and therefore won't allow me to install any updates. I have tried rebooting my device until I hear drum sound but no joy. I have also tried to uninstall and then reinstall get started home support on computer.

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Re: Device won't connect

The newest generation of navigation devices require the myTomTom Support Application to be installed, if not already done, download and install the myTomTom Support Application from the TomTom website:

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Re: Device won't connect


not the best answer but -


Try a different computer


I tried on my laptop for hours and finally gave up. Tried on my desktop and bam - worked first time! Both windows 7 with firefox so it must be a USB issue.

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Re: Device won't connect

So many issues I just coudnt get to tom go 500 conected to my windows 7 acer computer tried everything.  so I I used Time travel instead , hooked my old  10 year old xp computer and presto it works.   I sugest to all others that have the same problem get another computer and give it a try or use time travel such I did myself and boot the old beast up. 


to Tomtom: seriousley dudes, I would re-evaluate all the IT department and get your act together .

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