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Screen Dimming Between Instructions

The screen on my old Tom Tom One used to dim between instructions once the battery was fully charged. My new 1005 is instructed to do the same. I have had the dreaded machine for at 3 months now and the screen has never dimmed between instructions. Why would this be. I have done a return trip to France (14 hours each way) no dimming.

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Re: Screen Dimming Between Instructions

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When performing a update, a setting may have gone lost:


Verify that the dim setting is still enabled


  • Power on the navigation device;
  • Tap on the navigation screen;
  • Go to 'Settings';
  • Scroll through the menu and tap on 'Energy saving settings';
  • Verify that dimming between instructions is still enabled;
  • Tap on 'Ok';

When the settings is activated


Perform a full reboot


All settings are kept except the time of the clock which is automaticly adjusted by the satellites


  • When the navigation device is powered on and not connected to a power source, verify in the bottom left corner that the battery indicator displays a green colour, otherwise connect to a power source;
  • Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds untill you hear a drum roll sound;
  • A image appears, the device may appear to be frozen;
  • Please wait untill the device reboots itself and it should be back at the navigation screen;

When above doesn't solve the issue


Please contact the TomTom Support Team


Click here to go to the TomTom Support Webpage

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Re: Screen Dimming Between Instructions

I have done all that was suggested. Still no screen dimming between instructions. Also, it goes to Night view automatically but does not return to Day view next time I use it in full sun.

 I have had this awful machine for several months now and just about to send it back. Now it won't connect to Tom Tom Server for Google search and gets stuck on the screen telling you there is an error. I have to do a reset each and every time.

What a dreadful machine.

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